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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
That is likely scyatica. Pinched scyatic nerve. It's about as much fun as dentistry with no anesthetics. No joke.
Do yourself a favor, have it checked. When it hits bad you will NOT be able to walk. Dont wait until you have to crawl to a phone to get help.
I think its finally time to do it, ive just been putting it off for some odd reason. (makes no sense I know.. being that im in pain)

2 years ago I had to get 2 fillings, 1 on either side of the bottom of my mouth near the back. They wouldn't freeze both sides of my mouth for some risk crap so I opted to get the first one done without freezing. What a messed up mind scrambling feeling... I then went on to do the second as well without freezing.

Thanks guys
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