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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Chronic pain is something you cannot fully understand unless it happens to you, like parenthood.

I took my body for granted my whole life, get cyatica in the back/leg and told my disk is worn down (maybe minor in comparison but it's still debilitating at times to me)

I live in pain or discomfort every single day now. Humans get used to it, it's amazing.

It's not easy, Haggis you have a great sense of humor and share that well and being in pain doesn't make you want to laugh as much, but it helps everyone anyway.

I pay for running around and crawling all over the place too, but for a great game it sure is worth it.

Keep the positive attitude going. I know it's not easy.
I wouldn't say I have the same thing, but maybe similar. Ive never been checked out by a doctor or been told what exactly is wrong with me but im not even 20 yet and I get severe lower back pain in my spine. Its been a gradual thing over the last year and never seems to get any better. Day in and day out I get aching and shooting pains down either side of my lower back and sometimes into my legs and its something ive come to live with now... and yes I need to get it checked out. You're right though, you get used to it and you carry on regardless.

But anyways back on topic, I surprisingly took the time to read that entire post Haggis and its a good read and keep goin!
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