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Originally Posted by gunscythe View Post
Yes, I do.

I think that everyone playing airsoft SHOULD have an PAL/FAC. It means that you have basic firearm training.

Take your PAL to an RCMP detachment, and get someone there to verify you (with your PAL and other ID). This, unlike ASC, will be a LEGAL verification.

I'll set something up nationally, and the RCMP member can send me an e-mail regarding your verification, and bam - you're on the list.

The verification will mean "he has a PAL and he's 18+".

This way we use PALs, the RCMP gets involved, and now anyone in the country can get verified.

Maybe this sounds dumb, but you if you are all up for it I'll try and get the ball rolling. I think it'd work.

The "reps" become RCMP. Who are everywhere....

What do you think?

Without reference to the merit of airsofters getting PAL/FACs, what you're suggesting will result in the same bottlenecks we're experiencing with the current system.

For one, I seriously doubt the RCMP will be keen on putting manpower on enforcing what would essentially be a bylaw for a private club. And even if it did, most likely you'd find verification suddenly incurring a $50 service fee.

And secondly, the most important part, is once the RCMP has verified someone you're back to where we are now: most players aren't having much trouble meeting with reps, but people complain about the delay between meeting the rep an actually getting "verified" status online. This is currently completely volunteered efforts, and it would be the same volunteers getting bombarded with RCMP verifications. In fact they'd have an even heavier workload because they'd have to re-verify already verified people with the new RCMP verifications. And you'd still have to deal with hunting down the right user ID that goes with the verification and people not providing quite the right name (think that doesn't happen? Take a good look at my sig.) And Airsoft United still doesn't have a means to verify people.
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