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Why I Play Airsoft - The Painful Musings of a Savage Haggis

Why I Play Airsoft - The Painful Musings of a Savage Haggis

This morning, Sunday, I woke up & could barely move.

It takes me the better part of thirty minutes to a hour to flex the kinks, strains & knots out in order to get myself quasi-mobile. I'm generally not the nicest person to be in proximity of during this first little while in the morning.

This is nothing new, and hasn't been, for the past ten months. Damn near every morning starts out this way. As many doctors & specialists have told me time & again, I will become accustomed to it. So far, so good. It is becoming "the routine". The norm.

This morning, however, was different. Sure, I hurt, just like every other morning, but when I finally pulled myself out of bed, dragged myself to the bathroom & looked in the mirror, I had a smirk on my face.

Yesterday was game day.

It was a great day - a fun day.

I played hard - pushed hard & laughed hard.

And today I'm paying for it.

So be it.

I've had a lot of people ask me, over the past several months, questions along the lines of "Is it a good idea for you to be playing airsoft?" or more specifically, & my personal favorite, "Why do you do this to yourself?"

Both valid questions, to be sure.

Some people are concerned for my well being, granted, others offer up dime store philosophies of "taking it easy on my self." I've tried to explain why I play, but more often then not, my explanations go over, or sound over, their heads. I never really gave their questions much thought until this morning.

Call it an epiphany, if you want.

There have been only two other organizations that I have been involved with, where I have felt completely at ease, where I fit, and where I felt I belonged. Organizations where I knew the people as family & friends, where we shared both the good and the bad. Where one minute you're at each others throats, and the next you're crying & laughing in your beers. One was the Infantry, the other was working Special FX & Firearms in the film industry.

I can say now, after playing airsoft for most of the spring and summer, that there is now a third group. Airsoft.

Follow the bouncing ball.

The past ten months have been a constant blur of doctor's appointments, medical assessments, prescription drugs, physiotherapy sessions, daily physical limitations, frustration & pain. Even though I returned to work back in July, physically speaking, I'm operating only around 70% to 80% of previous capabilities. At home, I have days where I want nothing to do with the outside world, simply because it hurts to move. But that's the way it is now & will be for the rest of my life, so say a goodly portion of the Canadian Medical establishment.

I've been sent to my fair share of Psycho-analysts, by way of WCB, Physio-Specialists, and various Doctors for various aspects of "Life Skills Retraining", "Physio-retraining" & "Pain Adjustment/Tolerance Programs" to become a Jewish Comedian. I know it's supposedly all in my best interests, but truthfully, it comes off as nothing more than "Cookie Cutter" medicine most times. Oft times I sit in their offices & all I hear coming from them is the equivalent of listening to Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wahn Wahn Wahn... Wahn Wahn..."

The week consists of work, home, pain - repeat - broken only by specialist visits to Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver, etc.

So what changed?



I'm active again. I'm useful again. I'm having fun again.

And, perhaps, most importantly, I've met an outstanding group of people.

To borrow a line from the song, "Switching to Glide":

"Nothing matters but the weekend.
From a Tuesday point of view."

Saturday - Game Day... the one day of the week that is for me and me alone.

Not work concerns.

Not home concerns.

Not doctors, not specialists, not counciling sessions.

Not worrying about medications, pain adjustment/tolerance or what have you.

Or how deeply it pains me when I'm scheduled to work on Saturday.

It's Game Day, damn it.

Everything else goes on the back burner, if only for a short time.

The day belongs to me and the rest of the world can wait on hold.

Sure I'm going to pay for it in exhaustion & pain, but you know what? I'm there, already. From my point of view, it's worth it.

I'm going out to get active, to get the adrenaline flowing, to get some exercise, to meet & hang out with some great people & above all to have fun with life, despite everything & everyone else. I've accomplished more with my involvement in airsoft, I feel, than could possibly be accomplished in a thousand pyhsio/counciling sessions.

My wife thinks it's great. My Doctors, Physiotherapists & Specialists think it great for me to be active like this - who the hell am I to argue with that kind of support!? These people far out weigh those who feel it necessary, in their minds, for me to take it easy & not be so hard on myself.

Yes, it means that much to me.

Yes, I enjoy the sport that much.

I'm grateful, beyond words, for being a part of it.

And with that...

Bar's open!

Have at 'er!!

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