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Originally Posted by 666 View Post
Is there any way you can post a tutorial. I want to give wood on my gun more realistic look.
You'll need;

- Handful of stones, preferably ones w/ sharp edges;
- coarse steel wool; and
- minwax #255 wood stain;

Begin by taking a handful of the rocks and rubbing it vigorously (no comments!) over the wooden parts of your AK. You'll want to get some nice deep scratches and grooves into the wood, but don't go crazy - it doesn't take long to get the desired effect. Remember to let the topography of the wood determine where the scratches end up - if there is a sunken area that is not getting nicked up, leave it be - this simulates actual wear.

Now take the coarse steel wool and repeat the above process, removing the outer varnish layer from the raised sufaces of the wood. Leave areas that are not naturally affected alone.

Use a damp cloth/paper towel to remove all the wood dust you have made from the wood, and let the pieces sit for about 15 minutes.

Now apply a generous coating of the stain over the wood parts, let sit for another 15 minutes and then wipe any excess off. Let stand overnight and in the morning your parts should be ready to go.
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