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its about fun isnt it?

being new to the scene and being a milsim scenario paint baller i am conerned about did i get hit or not?

at least with paint you see it but we have the same issues with overshooting, ignoring mercy rules, cheating by wiping and some field owners who ignore basic safety

speedball hates the woodsball guys etc etc

it has to be about fun

i wanted to play a game but after reading the rules i saw i didnt have the right clothes

maybe i cant play because i didnt bring a folding shovel

so lets remenber its about fun and every one has different reasons for playing - lets respect that

but yeah every sport has its share of wipes and anyone can lose an eye from a paintball, a 6mm bb, a hockey stick or a splintered bat

dont give up just find a better group to play with

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