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Sigh of relief.

I finally got to speak with an RCMP officer about the Beretta Elite I ordered. The officer reviewed the Firearms Act and agreed it was unclear. We discussed the issues at length and in the end, I was told there is no concern re: criminal code and as long as I use the gun responsibly, there's no problem with me possesing and using the pistol.

I believe that the officer was comfortable with me because I took the time to investigate the issue, openly express my concern, and demonstrate that I am responsible and not attempting to hide anything.

This is key. I think that as long as we can all demonstrate responsibility, ownership and use of airsoft guns will be a non-issue.
Thats what 99% of us do. But once in awhile a jackass/dumbass/shithead will do something really stupid with a airsoft/clearsoft gun and we all take the hit. Is that fair? No. But life isn't fair...
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