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This is a great thread, I thought I was the only one feeling like this. I can see everyones view point, and agree with some.

Twice this year I had looked into packing it up, But it is true that if you find the right team of guys and have everyone on the same page, it will maybe make your experience better.

The only problem is going up against others that dont give a F#@K if they get shot or what the group is doing as a whole. Seems too much like paintball to me.

I remember the days when, everywhere you went you knew someone could be around the corner or in a bush.. All you could think about is getting the job done and not letting the team or group down.

But now, its like everyone is Rambo and who cares if they get you killed or give away your position...

no respect, no honor ( taking hits ), no morals...

But then again, we have had a ton of new guys join airsoft this year, and all but a handful of vets left... Its tough keeping the game the same when you cant get out to all the games and let others learn from yourself or others. Instead they learn from other new guys and not soon after, your games look like pantyball.

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