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All good points but I think the cheating topic belongs in a separate thread. Its age old and not likely to ever be solved, except with a hicap and a steady steam of bbs until the offender suddenly feels it. I've purposely hosed someone who is bulletproof just to drive a point home. It usually works and if they come up and complain to me afterwards, its the perfect opportunity to discuss their bulletproof-like nature and they never win that argument.
I personally cannot stand blatant disregard of not calling hits. If I can see and hear bbs hitting you, then you sure as hell can. I feel horrible every time I shoot any player above the shoulders. I make an effort to apologize either during the game or tracking the person down after and seeing if they are alright. That being said, if I see someone not calling hits, I make a conscious decision to shoot at hands, necks and heads. It's a dick thing to do, and I feel like an ass doing it, but sometimes the best way to fight fire is with fire.

This might pull a bunch of negative responses, but I welcome fresh paintball/speedball converts. I like the speedy way they operate. At most of the games that I've played at FR and even Wasaga, I find skirmish games boil down to a lot of defense vs. defense and people just find a comfortable corner and set up camp. The speedballers that I've played against are the exact opposite. They rush. They play in pacts (from what I've seen). In general, it's a different and new way to play. Obviously this style is not very milsim, but it definitely has a place in skirmish games.

Just my two sense though.
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