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Airsoft is underpriced

For some reason airsoft players will not accept prices in excess of Paintball field fees.

We all know Paintball fields make their bread and butter on paint... otherwise they would not have a common "no outside paint" rule

This reluctance to go outside of the $25.00 per day fee basically eliminates the possibility of the creation of a full time Airsoft only venue as the market will not accept a fee structure to make it viable.

So Airsofters as a rule... complain about paint... and paintballers... and bemoan our lot as second class citizens in a paintball world... but won't pony up the coin to affect change....

In the current market... airsoft only = bad business

I can only afford to do it because I don't have to support my venue with is just one of many programs offered.. that all together , pay the bills.
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