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Well it seems like I've been too busy with work to see this thread.

I know many things have been said before but I'll say it anyway, Steven you better not quit airsoft, there is still some worthy players and events out there.

The main problem I see recently is people and game organisers not paying attention to the basics of airsoft such as respect and trust. So many games I've seen where you have newcomers playing and the organisers don't even take time to explain rules or any of that. Not giving them any kind of guidelines is not gonna make the new players fun to play with and that's a fact.

Personally I'd like to choose the games I attend but with my job I don't have every weekend offs so I end up going to whatever games I can go.

If I take saturday's game as an example, it wasn't the best game ever that's for sure but I mean the drive there with Hellranger and then the not so healthy pizza and poutine dinner are other things that made the day enjoyable. What I mean by that is that airsoft is more than just the actual games you attend, when you hang around the right people the actual game is just one small part of it.

I guess one things that needs to be done to help a bit in this problem is for game organisers to take their job seriously and have a good brief before each game just to make sure everyone clearly understands what the game should be about. Sure it's annoying to repeat the same thing over and over but it might prevent problems during the game.

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