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Originally Posted by Tri-Balle View Post
HAAAAA! you found me again!! Dam!
The simple thing of the matter is that my name is not Henry Baddan or Justin is Pierre Patenaude, also known as ..yes Night Angel.
My way of thinking is simple, theire was a big misunderstanding from many parts at that time and lots of confusion from many parties. So for me, what ever happend is in the past. the only thing that I am offering to you guys is the possibility of playing the sport that you love in a safe and fun place. If you are not interested well that fine, its not a problem, the field is a paintball field, that is my maine market, I just thaught that it would be a fun place for airsofters to play inside on rainy days or in the winter time, to eighter practice or have little skirmish match.

as per safety consern well everything is inspected by the city, and yes all the neons will be inclosed in a lexan tube casing.

As per pricing, its per hr, if you guys decide to book on a slow day well it will be same price but longer game play, example 10:00$ for the day if theire is no paintball games booked that day, needless to say paintball is my main income so priority goes to it.

I will be holding some OPsgear stuff but thats will be the closet that I will get to selling airsoft BBs, parts, or airsoft guns will be sold in the store.

With that sayd, well...for those of you interested feel free to come and play for the others well....I am sorry that you feel that way!

OMG! You said the secret name that is never to be said, look out he'll get his lawyers to sue you!

You don't even take the time to spell check your advertisements or responses, and expect us to go play at $20 an hour? Thats utterly a ridiculous
pricing considering the market available to you. For $20 all local players can go to the LZ and get a FULL day of airsoft. And all you have to do is bring a walk-man or MP3 player if you MUST have "hitman" music playing.

As well, you forget that it was you that asked the entire Canadian airsoft community for help in ideas and set up for an airsoft field. Asking for things like scenarios and so on. When people asked you a question, you spazzed and told everyone to fuck off, or go fuck themselves. This new field still doesn't answer ANY of those questions before that Savage Harris brought up.

As for the pictures, it looks as if you wasted more time shooting that one sheet of plywood than actually doing anything with the area. And its sad that when you come to the community, attempting to yet again, pull money from our pockets you can't even have updated pictures. Those are two weeks old? You couldn't have gotten pictures two hours old to post today? Today being the date you wish to unveil your little "field."

Anyone that wishes to go waste $20 an hour on your field, have fun. I'll keep my $20 and buy a case of beer to sit back, relax, and read the "$20/h FOR THAT?!" when they all come back.

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