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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
I personnaly feel it's not about being elitist, it's about looking after our own fun.

There is nothing wrong or bad about being perceived to be "Elitist"
If investing in good gear, owning more than 3 guns that have more than 2 mags and working on your personal skills and fitness to make yourself the best you can be in this activity lables you as elitist... well so be it..
I try to be elite in everything I do... I fail more often than not... but it beats trying to be "good enough"

Somewhere along the line... elite became a bad word...

Not everyone can afford to devote the resources to get the best gear,, ( or even good) or a full loadout of accessories for their weapons.. Thats fine as long as you do the best you can with what you have.. and keep striving..
But for those who invest the minimum.. and then complain about the "elitist bastards" excluding them from participation....I have little regard for them.
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