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I guess I'm coming on here a little late, but I'll put my part nonetheless.

I still consider myself a "new" player. Three years of fairly good attendance (except this year, a baby takes time ) I've seen and heard many things playing this game. Whining, bragging, cheating... but also, trust, respect, helpful hands, advices, friendship. And so I tend to go along Bruce's comment on the fact that all this is part of the game. The good people come from all backrounds... On the whole, people I've met playing the sport were friendly, helpful and respectful.

On my part, I know why I'm playing, and what I'm looking for. There are certain games I don't attend because I simply feel I won't get what I'm after. These games aren't for me, nothing less, nothing more. It's not against anyone, it's just that I don't feel I belong to that kind of playing. And so instead of going and then complaining, I refrain from attending and concentrate instead on what I do like in the sport.

Steven, you certainly count as one of the player I respect and admire the most, and I really can't picture you NOT playing airsoft. But I think I do understand what you're saying, and I'm longing for a good chat on the matter. There are many options out there, many things we can set up to care about why we play this game, and like others have said, there a many guys out there who are ready for it. I personnaly feel it's not about being elitist, it's about looking after our own fun.

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