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I rock a TM M4 RIS. Its piece of shat. I hated the fake battery PEQ to the point where I replaced it and had the gun changed to rearwire and crane stock set up. The PEQ will only accomodate 8.4v mini batterys.
As for aimpoints. I have an aimpoint red dot mounted on the carrying rail. I hate it. Im never using it again. Its not like they really help alot anyways. I shoot better using the guns actual metal sights.

As for the body. The reciever of the gun is plastic. The carrying handle is plastic. Everything else is metal accept for the actual sliding plastic piece of the stock, thats plastic but they all are. Its a decent gun, I purchased it years ago, and shoots about 280-285ish fps straight of the box. Never had any feeding issues using TM, KA, or MAG brand magazines. The barrel wobble isnt to bad, if you keep the D ring(?) tight you barely ever get any. Theres a little but not a whole lot.

My only gripe about the gun is, if you install the tactical grip on the lower RIS you have to be careful and make sure the lower RIS panel is sitting securly inside its fittings. The lower panel is removeable to reveal your fuse housing and wire connections so you can connect the battery from the PEQ to the normal wiring. But back to my point, my gripe is about this panel. If you install anything, a tactical grip, a masterkey style shotgun setup, a grenade launcher, you have to be very wary of how that panel is sitting at all times. If you accidentally bump the D ring(?) that panel can fall right off. I used to use my tac grip on it, but during games I would go to grab it and it would come right off with the panel. So I stopped using it. Attempting to pump and fire your masterkey style shotgun? Better make sure that piece is secure cause when you pump the damn shotgun falls off.

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