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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Want some problems to be aired?

Newbies ignoring the laws surrounding this game, or trying to find loopholes. Field owners trying to find loopholes to warrant getting a few more bucks. Internal politics. False accusations. Not being 'worthy' if your real life prevents you from gaming. Really retarded canadian laws. Bulletproof players (some are vets). Favoritism.

Until those things are fixed, there will be problems.
You can't fix such things as they are attributes of practically every recreational club out there.

None of the issues voiced in this thread are peculiar to "Airsoft"
They are common to all human social clubs... and that is what Airsoft is.. a group of likeminded ( mostly) enthusisats participating in an activitly for recreation and enjoyment.

in every club you find the vets bemoaning the noobs... and the noobs railing against the establishment... eventualy the Noobs become vets... and start bemoaning the new noobs.. while the "real" vets roll their eyes...

And the "real" vets... start saying things like" it just ain't like it used to be" and start leaving the activity.... while the noobs shout "good riddance" for a while until they realize what they lost... Then they embark on the process of becoming the new "real"vets.....

To stay engaged you have to pretty much carve your own niche... and invite like minded people along for the ride... We see this quite a bit in the Ontario community... where there is a large community and quite a number of different factions...

From paintballers come airsoft skirmishers... to "softcore" Milsim to Fantasy scenario affectionados.. through to "hardcore" milsim operators.. Fact is that none of these are really compatable with one another.. and there will always be dissatisfaction when different types come into proximity..

For me ... it puts a bad taste in my mouth when a game is touted as "milsim" and devolves to hosefest skirmishing.. when the wrong players show up at the wrong games.

As long as the right players come out to the right games everyone gets what they expect.

One of the issues is Hosts of games try to appeal to to broad a cross section of the community when setting up games. There is real reluctace to put in place limitations that will cause some players to avoid particular games...

The Fact is if a "realcap ammo load" and no Highcaps rule turns you off... then its is very likely that the game is not the kind you should be at anyway.

If We as Hosts... do a better job of catering to the niche that we prefer then there would be much less dissatisfaction with the outcome of the experience for the participants...

It is in my opinion the desire of Hosts to have "the largest game" with the "most players" that drive the activity deep into the realm of the lowest common denominator which is I'm sorry to say... the highcap toting "kid" in sloppy clothes who just graduated off the speedball field. By trying to appeal to a wide audience... we end up turning off the exact audience we exist for.
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