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This month would have been counted as my 13th year playing airsoft had I not a few months ago given my resignation from airsoft to the Edmonton club and basically retired from it.
A lot of the stuff posted above is why. The airsoft scene in Edmonton is well beyond its peak of a few years ago when West-Can airsoft was still running.
There is no mislim scene in Edmonton anymore, and as already stated 90% of the new people just want a glorified version of a paintball game, and its fricking sad. People want to get all this gear, and these cool rifles, then they can't run a hundred meters wearing it all. With the people that do show up to a milsim when they actually get enough people to run it, half the people that show up can't even drive the body hard enough to go half the day before shutting it down.
The majority of people seem to be satisfied with "you half go that way, and you half go that way, we will meet up in the middle and shoot it out".

My experience has told me that the "fun" of just having skirmishes only lasts so long. I got WELL over that crap a decade ago. Trying to show newer people the light, I may as well just be banging my head against the wall.
So honestly I gave up trying, I am tired of it. The way these guys are going, without trying to evolve they are going to just be the people that play airsoft for two years then get bored of it and move on. Not the people like some of the vets, Raven, Poncho, and others that I have met over the years that do play for over a decade.

That, and there is so much devision now in Edmonton, and no one is putting in any effort to try to work together, so there is like 4 - 5 or something small groups of like 6 or 7 people that just like to do their own thing, and no one is contacting anyone else, or trying to work on bigger games. And when they do, its "come out to our day of skirmishes!".

Like I said, I am done wasting my time. I kept my AK, a few of my favorite bits of gear and clothing just incase something comes up that I want to attend. Most likely it would probably be held in Red Deer, Calgary, or Vancouver or something because I just can't see any good big games like the WCan games coming out of Edmonton until people decide to start working together again.
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