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Being 23 and consider myself a "vet" considering the ammount of time I have in the Ottawa Community, I am much like bruce. I enjoy both aspects of airsoft. Milsim is lots of fun, playing like your in real combat. Then skirmish side of it aswell. But like I said before, in the end its all about having fun.

The age gap is something that I have noticed. The majority of new players are very young. What we need is "old" guys like you HR to mentor these new guys.

Sadly you can not get rid of the cheating assholes out there, but like anything else in life, the good comes with the bad.

I Started when I was 18, I remember my first kill. If it wasn't for players like Rexter and TC who helped me along my way, I would have become a very different player.

I can not honestly count the number of times I have thought about quiting, and the times I actually did quit. Every time, I have come back. Like everyone has been saying, dont quit, take a break, but for the love of god, do not sell your stuff. The last thing this community needs is to loose another good player.
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