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I received a few more PMs and some IM messages as well from people that didn't wanna post in this thread or even on ASC for that matter.

One of them I saw get pissed on SO many occasions, but he never gave up.

What I think I will do them is be a little more picky in terms of events I attend. It's sad because up until failry recently I was ready to attend just about every event out there. All that remained was to drive to attend an event with the TO folks. We owe them a few, for I have seen them drive to our events on numerous occasions.

Sierra post was a carbon copy of the eMail he sent me at the office yesterday. And I owe him for taking the time to introduce me to the right people. I didn't discover AS, I saw Sierra looking at geared up kids with guns and I started asking questions. And it evolved from there. Poncho made certain my first riffle go to me from TO, he packed it with him and I picked it up at my first event.

So many people I have lots of respect for were here posting their opinions and support. So people also PM'd me with comments regarding me flipping on people sometimes, well that's the way I am. But if we allow people to act like fucking idiots and do jack shit about, who should we blame? We are to blame, for not doing our part. The "new generation" will not come and see us for guidance 'cause they know better, so we have to step in and put them back on the right track. In the future I will try not approach issues alone, I will discuss it with other trustworthy people around me and WE will approach the issue together. That way I will not the the type of comments like "You always complain..." and shit like that.

So thanks for everyone who showed supportand I hope it got a few of the "old fool dudes" (Vietnam war reference for "old timers") thinking. If some of the new gen. folks read some of this I hope you learned something from it.

This thread was not ment to discuss hits and such, but simply to voice my opinions and let poeple know why I was REALLY thinking about giving up.

But a good discussion came out of it, so it was not a waist of anybody's time. This is easy to see simply by the amount of time some people have taken to put their personal toughts down in a written format.

Thanks to all the friends I didn't realize I had, I will not take your recommendations lightly, but I will try to make some adjustments on my end. One thing I will not change, I will not and can not hold myself back from telling others when I think they are wrong. I also hope the old timers will not stop either.

Thanks again and god speed.
"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment!"
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