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I dont want to start anything but I've given up on going to the usual QC games for the reason you mentioned in your first post. I'm playing airsoft, if I wanted to rank kills I'd join the kids and play paintball.

Everywhere you go there is a % of assholes, the more people you have the higher that % means. That said, the sport is growing and not much can be done to reduce that %.

It sucks but I'm personally very pro-private games, the quality is not even comparable.

HellRanger, don't give up bud! There's plenty of game coming in the future that will be worth going, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by HellRanger View Post
Good points Mad, I fully agree with you.

Very well put and thanks for your input.

Sad to see that not many comments have been made by Quebec players thus far.

Migth be the language barrier again or are they simply ignoring this thread.

It has been a good read so far and lots of good/similar points have been made.

Keep 'em coming.

This thread might be useful afterall... Lots of hits, so I hope people are reading the comments being made and are learning a few things here and there.
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