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Steven, only you can decide on how much you want to stay in the game. It's not about "vets", which I hate the term, against new players. Milsim against skirmishes or who has the better gear. It's about learning and working with someone you don't know that will make you a better person.

When people talk about leaving the game because it's not what they had hoped, it sadens me to hear that they are throwing in the towel because life itself is not a bed of roses. If you tell me that, you're leaving because you've outgrown your interest in the game, then, I wish you all the happiness in your next endeavor.

The age gap has played a major role on how games are run for what I'm seeing. Hell, I can say that when I first started playing, I was all gung-ho to get my first kill and might have burst out screaming "I got one, I got one!" when I did have a hit on another player. That was when I was 35 years old. I can imagine that a 18-20 year old would do the same thing with more energy. I've since relaxed my emotions on the field and I can't blame the newer players from showing their's.

I want to play and I can switch from milsim to skirmish like turning on a light. If we play a milsim and the other team treat the game like a skirmish and do things that are against the game rules, well, I'm sure our boys in the sandbox are experiencing the same thing and I just go with what there is. It can make it more challenging for oneself to adapt to the unknown. I do learn from playing with new players as they give an unpredictatable influence to the game play.

I know the new players want to learn and it's all about how you pass that info to them. You treat them like you would treat an experience player, with respect. I can say that by doing this, all it has brought me is a lot of embarassment because I feel bad when I go to a field and players would come up to me and say "Hi Bruce" and I would not know who they were. Please excuse me if anyone reading this has done this to me. I'm just Old! lol

Take a break from the game if you want but it will be sad for all of us if you leave for the wrong reasons. The good guys out-number the bad guys by a million times.

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