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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
You're talking about the RCMP then. OK, but that's exactly what I meant.
Not exactly. The CBSA's efforts in coming after airsoft retailers has been an incomplete effort in the bigger picture. The stores that were raided were all in the west, while importation across Canada were further restricted, but not uniformly so. They've really inconvinenced airsoft, but stopped well short of killing it.

However, CSBA could've (with the blessing of the law) hit every store in Canada that carried imitation firearms (airsoft or not), and completely stopped legal importation all together. They haven't. The police could've gone and setup a sting here at ASC for illegal trafficking and confiscated every Crosman they can find, they haven't. This is because both agencies have their own internal policy how to interpret and execute parts of CCC and CFA sections they're responsible for at this time. If the federal government choose to realign the policy of its subordinate agencies to one of the strictest interpretation of the law, that'd be what I mean by crackdown. Both the CBSA and the police with the blessing of the government coming to shutdown the sport, not just to prosecute a few retailers.
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