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HR I've been playing for 6 years now. and let me tell you as one of the orginizers @ the Foxden in wich I have help build it to what it is as wells as many other people in the comunity. COMUNITY is the main word in this post I have seen people come and people go and people be banned for there stupidity, yes people may not alway adree on a decision people make but, I will fight t'ill I can't fight no more for the Ottawa comunity.
It's funny how people make comments like wow not to many new players, then in the same breath say hope the sport is not dying. Well I will tell you it's like a wave from year to year. and yes you get some asshats that come in in those waves. it's a fact of life. One way we have dealt with asshats is we have a little game called preaditor. and belive me after they run that gauntlet they call there hits.

I think we should start an orginization for the milsim games in other words have a panel of people vets and new ( with experience) to place a tag on a milsim game Ie a backing from the orginization aswell as there marl of aproval on the scenario as a Milsim.
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