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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I just walk away, not wanting to appear judgemental or be accused of being a crusty old fart.
Example, RC took me aside and told me what an ass I looked like in my OD sweater, black pants and stupid black helmet. Wolfpack adopted me and Morb and Clay mentored me on virtually every other aspect of the game and Viking came along and raised the bar yet again - to the point where I am working out 3 times a week and doing 17k ruck marches.... for fun...

Sometimes criticism IS GOOD. It makes you rethink positions that you otherwise would continue with unabated and there are a NUMBER of people in the community that are immune to any kind of advice or correction and who thus will never consider another point of view or develop further into the game. Thats what I am talking about...

and HR, shoot me a copy of that pic or a link! I'm behind the camera so much I rarely get to see myself... Rawdon was a first for me...

EDIT: KEWL! Thanks!
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