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Originally Posted by Viking View Post
Trust me when I say that things seem to even out at times, and you'll catch the craving again to go out and have the fun you once had.
Heheh, Viking has "quit" more times than anyone I know and yet I seem him each season on the field in the latest gitch doin' the milsim shuffle. This shit's like herpes, you've can't get rid of it and when it flares up you wake up one morning with $3k missing out of your credit line and a brand new set of gear (guilty).

Great thread - it gives me hope. I've been mourning milsim for a while now. The fact that I have to travel 500+ kms to find a quality game (ie: Rawdon/LZ) is testimony to the fact that there are active and great pockets of people who still know how to do it - and they are quality games worth making the trip for.

I think many vets, which I now finally count myself one, are fatiqued and to some degree have checked out of mentorship. Teams were also a huge mentorship tool and many vets are choosing to work outside of teams, a la 'contractor' style, so instead of developing new talent into milsim within a team environment, new players are not getting the kind of attention they used to. With me to, back in the day if I saw something 'ghey' I was likely to engage on that and speak to the person(s) involved, whereas now, I just walk away, not wanting to appear judgemental or be accused of being a crusty old fart. A lot of vets here have taken it time and time again on the face on issues and have simply said 'fuck this' and are now looking after themselves and letting the new folks figure it out for themselves.

There is a cost in dropping mentorship in this community, particularly as it pertains to milsim and we are seeing that cost now.

Originally Posted by beatbaker View Post
Blackthorne, you need to respond without swearing and without the attidude.
Case in point. People should stop trying to 'moderate' 'attitude'. Grow a thicker skin and LISTEN to what he's saying- you might discover a different point of view. I don't recall him directing any vitriol at you so there is no need for that.
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