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This thread was going so well for a while.
Can a mod get rid of some of the crap on page 5 & 6 please.

Back on topic.

On my way to work this morning I was thinking to myself, "And what about all those times I helped people?". I mean, I have opened my own guns to try and fix other poeples guns w/o charging a thing on so many occasions. Gettign in touch w/ Illusion to get the parts almost overnight to fix guns. This is additional stress that I shouldn't have to deal with, I have a career that brings me enough stress already.

People shoudl understand that if you offer your help you will do your best. On a few occasions this was totally ignored. There is a running joke between Vondnik and I regarding my 733 about how many times I open that gun to yank parts out. This has happened on more than one occasion over the past 3 yrs (I have been confortable fixing guns for abotu that amount of time).

This is another thing I'm done dealing with, I don't even bring tools out to events anymore, I simply bring one or two backups instead.

You know, staying up 'til 2 in the morning to try and fix a gun so the owner can have it the next day. To be told something along the lines of "Well, it's your problem if you waited last minute to fix it..." Well last minute is called me having other things to take care of and maybe the gun I'm working on is a trouble gun.

I know I'm getting a PM after this... But to bad some people I tried to help the best I could are no longer talking to me for no apparent reasons. This is another thing that really got to me. I have no reason to be pissed I guess, I just find it disturbing.
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