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Originally Posted by kos View Post
You guys definitely misunderstood me.

What I meant was if you take using a tweaked firearm as a form of cheating, then what do you take using a ptw as? If you see better equipment as a form of cheating, then.. I don't know what to say..

My reason for getting into airsoft was to learn small squad tactics in an urban, and forested environment. Aswell as to learn proper firearm handling in a high-risk situation. So obviously I'm not saying the PTW is a "cheater gun", or a "trendsofter's" gun. It's a training weapon, and that's exactly what I, and the team are getting them for.

Bah, I hope that made sense.

ya that made sense and it sounds like were on the same page, we just dont know it. your into this sport for the right reasons... the same reasons as the most of us. you, me and mcguyver are all into this and getting to the level where as to better ourselves as players and people. the new players that mod their guns with the intent of "pwning" the opposing team are into this for the wrong reason. this isnt counter strike, or halo, or ghost recon or rainbow six, where you have stats and unlock shit with all your headshot and kill points lol. no the problem lies there, where they are not being "educated," “brought into the fold” and understand what it is we do and why we do it.

youve explained your reasons which are noble, my reason? i do this to honour those who do this for real. i dont think i could ever do what they do, but i look up to them and respect them at the utmost level. i know (as well as you) how it feels when your in a heated fire fight, your heart is pounding, your blood pressure is so hight you feel like your ears are going to burst out, your voice cracks, its fucking intense.... and its fake. could you imagine that feeling tenfold because theres real bullets flying, and people really trying to kill you!!? thats amazing that people can do thise for real, i would love to be one of them, but im afraid, and i have a family, so to me; imitation is the highest form of flattery, and hats why i do it.

New people hardly feel this way, or even know why they play. As its been said it’s a new form of paintball and people are getting into it just to shoot people and stroke their own ego. Which is also why cheating is becoming more prevailant along side the fantasy modded/ over upgraded guns.

Originally Posted by Aaidin View Post
I don't think handicapping yourself is doing anyone a service. In fact, I'd be very offended were I your opponent and I realized you were doing things like waiting for me to get close enough to have a 'fighting chance' before engaging. Trust people to learn and get better if you trounce them, if they're unwilling to do that maybe they shouldn't play.
i realise that too, and have already run into that a few times at our field. it takes some guess work, walk a fine line if you will with babying them and nurturing them.
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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven
a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.

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