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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
yes i worry about this too, but i have enough faith in myself that i will not become dependant on this fact. before ive had guns which "outgun" my opponents, but i "handicap" myself to account for this. this means, waiting to engage (depending on my opponents) to the point when im either at a 70% chance of loseing the fight, or untill im sure that they can engage back.

with my systema cqb - did as i explained, also due to the fact that i had limited range
systema m16 - as explained
star l85 - use semi 98% of the time as ive got better range than most.

this is the issue at hand though, i take this in mind and alter my play style to accomidate less experianced players, or disadvantaged players, i dont activley look for an advantage and exploit it, my opponents enjoyment means more to me than my own, you can ask many KS3 players how nice the multicam squade was. we sat and bullshit with the opponets, asked how their day was going, how their team was, how they were finding themselve. we often gave them pointers, even if we mercied them we would tell them to continue playing we would move on. others do the opposite by upgradeing their guns to give them the unfair adavantage. alot of fun it is when everyone walks off the field because they dont have a chance.

but your point is very true kos, and its going to take time to "calibrate" my play style with my ptw and my opponents. I depend on my skill as a player than my depending on my gun.
Ummmm...personally, I think that's fairly silly. If I'm reading it correctly.

I used to do the same thing with Star Wars CCG (bear with me here, haha). I had a primo collection with a lot of high powered cards (Think of it like a PTW), none of my friends really did (Think of it like stock Marui Rifles). For a long time I'd make decks either that purposefully had flaws or actually just do some foolish things subtly in game so that they'd 'have a chance'. Two things came from that, first off they finally noticed and were kind of offended and secondly, they never improved. Later on I began just to show no mercy and play with the full extent of my arsenal. Yeah, I trounced them a lot at first, but they began to adapt and get better and sooner rather than later with vastly 'inferior' cards they began to be competitive with me.

I don't think handicapping yourself is doing anyone a service. In fact, I'd be very offended were I your opponent and I realized you were doing things like waiting for me to get close enough to have a 'fighting chance' before engaging. Trust people to learn and get better if you trounce them, if they're unwilling to do that maybe they shouldn't play.
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