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As a «new» player and living far from The crowd of player i had to take the trip to attend to bigger event that usual skirmish.

Battel of carantan & ops free beer.

Thoses were the only event that i went to.

Having to drive back home for at least 5 hours, i had time to think about the day and the only thing that came to my mind that it was only a big skirmish with alot of players. And that i coud do that at home without the drive and evreything else. (no offence for the guys that host and prepare thoses events, i still had fun)

Dont be disapointed about guys playing this way, it's, unfortunately part of it.

There are a lot of people that just need to discovered a new way to play, and sooner the better because then they know more than basick skirmish they wont go back on the feild ( what ever feild ) with the same mentality.

People change that's what they do...
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