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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
You fucking PAY ATTENTION. While I am pretty basic when it comes to gear, I use a loadout that I would expect to use in the real world. You can hear and feel hit just fine unless you are in a really loud environment.

What you call Mr. Dressup time others call challenge. Stick a couple of fucking steel Level III plates in your rig, a full 3 liter blader, a real world loadout of miscellanious crap (batteries, food, assorted kit) and a few extra pounds to simulate a real ammo load, and go play the same game you play in your tee shirt. I bet you have just a touch of trouble.

I want to experince what a soldier goes through, at least from a loadout perspective. It's not about fucking shooting people. It's about trying to APPRECIATE the real world environment, and still be able to complete whatever task you are set to do.

And where do you put all your mags? Oh RIGHT..HI-CAPs....only need one.

go figure

You are NOT talking about Milsim. You are talking about skirmishing, and if that's what you are after you are one step away from paintball.

I ain't knocking the skirmish crowd, but I see a very CLEAR link between that crowd and the new, piss poor attitude, out to kill em all, rules are optional, MSN speak, "new generation of airsoft".

It takes very little skill, in my opinion, to run around in a painball field (a la Fagraiders), expend 1000-2000- BB's soaking averything to get kills.

Go sit in Muskoka in August and wait for an ambush opportunity. Don't see many skirmishers doing that. They can't even handle the blackflies, let alone have the patience to play a game where they only shoot 55 BB's.
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