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One good examble was @ the LZ someone was certain to have registred a hit on me with his pistol as he got shot from the CQB house and he was upset about it. I finally figured if the guy is that certain I might as well take it, I figured I didn't feel it not heard it. So, I was walking through hollywood and discussing it with Ex-Royal and the guy (sorry can't remember your name) overheard me and came over all pissed thinking I was complaning, I explained to him that I took the hit 'cause I figured he was right and everything was fine. He then came back to see later and told me, "When I think about it now, I'm not all that certain I actually hit you!" we laughed abotu it and that was it.
LOL. That was me. To be perfectly honest, I still get a knot in my stomach the more I think about it! Got caught up in a gunfight, shutters went down, tunnel vision kicked in, and auditory exclusion was worn like a toque over my ears. I was so focused on taking you out after Blackthorne went down in front of me, I made the fatal error of crossing an opening from the CQB killhouse; an OPFOR shooter tagged me good in the doorway.

Going to pistol was to me, a degree safer than opening up with my M4. Alot of my rounds were buffered through the bush that laid between us, and I'm sure I observed a couple make their way through and tag your armor carrier. It's clear now why you didn't return fire; you had your M4 in your hands and felt you were too close to shoot. I'd also like to note that you didn't cop out with a "mercy" on me. As I said afterwards, I'd always prefer to know I was taken out properly, rather than someone scream that dirty word to me with as much accuracy as they've demonstrated all day.

Let me say now that the decision not to engage due to distance and weapon selection was both admirable and a fine example of someone I'd like to pull triggers with, or against anytime. It was a mature decision, hands down. For that I am very appreciative of. Had the game continued, I am 100% certain you'd have given me the courtesy of a close range gun-fight, with much clearer results! LOL! Cooler heads prevailed eventually, and I felt a bit silly for our first conversation. I guess Blackthorne isn't alone on that one; the whole lot of us are passionate!

If you decide to leave the sport, I wish you all the best. It would be one quality shooter less in a sport where there seems to be so few left. I was in and out of the sport a few times myself. Trust me when I say that things seem to even out at times, and you'll catch the craving again to go out and have the fun you once had. I'd encourage that, HR. Ultimately, you got to be happy. Any worthy friend will respect whatever decision you make. It was good to meet you, and I hope to cross paths with you again in this sport.

As for those who want to go on about kit and such. It can be summed up simply as this; you get out of this sport what you put into it. I've seen the extremes of both. The quintessential SF-dressed shooter with all the toys "camping" on a side of a hill, doing sweet fuck all, and the t-shirt and jeans marauder who hauls ass all day and helps his team win the game. Let's not be overly critical about who's wearing what. Let's start focusing on who's doing what.

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