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Originally Posted by kos View Post
You're getting a PTW, are you not? If you answer yes, you can pretty much take your "cheater gun" argument, and crap on it.
This isn't about "cheater guns", which don't exist in my opinion. There is no difference between a player using a drum mag, but only letting of a burst every once in a while and guy changing locaps out like cheap condoms. Or ho about the guy using a stock MP5K vs the a guy with an M700 maybe shooting a little over field limits byt a few fps? Is there a cheater gun there? No, of course not.

You buy the gun, gear and accessories and tailor your tactics accordingly. You opponent will tailor their tactics accordingly as well. In the end, someone is going to win.

I think airsoft is about sportsmanship, comradery and a little fun. If you cease to find any of these present, then quit playing the game. I would.

And Kos, for the record, you don't buy a PTW because it's cool or fashionable. You buy it because you've tried evrything else, spent all kinds of money on guns and still find yourself wanting for more and can't get it with your present set-up. You are at the top of your game and you want the best there is. Nothing else will do. So, you spend the big cake and get the best and you never look back. It doesn't make you a better player, like anything though it can make you a little too reliant on it's performance and technology.

How many guys here bought $1000+ paintbal guns, or bought $1500 handguns when a $200 would suffice for simple plinking? It's not about the buying the "it" gun, but rather the performance only the best can deliver.
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