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it saddens me as well to stand by and watch all these new players getting into the sport for the wrong reason. it seems there is no honour chivalry or sportsman ship in them. its all about geting any edge over your opponent to ensure you win instead of meeting them on a level battle field. all too often you see people rediculously upgradeing their guns and hid behind them, a psg1 barrel and a hicap in a p90 @ 400fps... cmon... thats just rediculous. or a drum mag on an ar or g36. does no one like to change mags and give their opponent a chance? these are "cheater guns"

its not about winning or loseing, its about haveing a great time and enjoying the game. too many people are getting tunnel visino and focusing on the final outcome of the one game, you dont "win" just because your team won, you "win" when youve played so everyone youve been along side or come up against says "wow, what a great player" or even if it doesnt come to that, just ensuring theyve had a good time as well. its everyones reasponsability to work together friend or foe to complete the package and make the game a good time.

to me the problem lays with the weapons, as i said people are becomeing too dependant on them, modding them so they can engage an opponent before they get too close often to the point where the opponent still doesnt even have range himself. too many people are dependant on hicaps - problem? ultimatly yes. no one take the time to learn trigger control. spray and pray, no single fire, or burst, just hold down the triger wave the gun back and forth until the mag is empty or they opponent is out. no one take the time, effort to learn to be a good player anymore. its turning into paintball to say the least.

this sport is about HONOUR, INTEGRITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, TRUST. be a man. meet your opponent on a level playing field.
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