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Feel the Hits!

Originally Posted by beatbaker View Post
Blackthorne, you need to respond without swearing and without the attidude.

Im not talking down on people who like their gear, I just think people sometimes load up way to much.

Im ALL for realism. I dont use hi-cap mags either, lol. I like to stick to my GBB if you really must know. I just have been to more than one game where direct hits have not been felt by other players because of excessive amounts of gear worn. If you can feel hits and call them, power to you and wear what you want.

I try to keep my gear around my waist area. I have my mag pouch/holder and my mag dump pouch. I also try to keep my back clear of packs/camelbacks because shots to bags are imposible to feel.

I love airsoft and was also drawn to the sport by the 1/1 realism of the equipment.

Dont take anything I have said personal, its just my opinion.

Thanks guys

This whole feel the hits issue is bulls**t in my opinion regardless of how much gear you wear. It is just an excuse for a player to carry on when they know damn well they have been hit. It is convenient and well used excuse that holds no weight with me.

The sound of BB hitting cordura/nylon packed with gear is distinctive and hard to ignore unless individuals choose to do so.
Watching the bb bounce off your gear and drop at your feet is hard to ignore unless the player chooses to use that as a excuse for not getting shot. You may wear a helmet, but since you cannot feel a hit you will ignore the bouncing BB's and the sound it makes and hope know one notices.

I have better than 30/20 vision and I can see my BB right up to the time of impact. I don't miss much and I have seen the realization in people that they think they can get away with it since it only hit part of their gear, not them in a fleshy part of the body. You wear it, its hit, your gone. Too many times I have had to follow up a one or two shot hit with a BB hosing to get people to call out. There was a time when this was never needed and people did not have to resort to hi-caps to ensure they put 20 bb's on a player before they called themselves out.

Regardless of Milsim or Skirmish, If there is one thing that could drive me to give up the sport is this lack of responsibilty and unfair behavior, because in peoples minds they want to be the ultimate "soldier" even if they have to cheat to realize their ambition.

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