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Hi All,

As most of you know, i dont really post anymore in the general section mostly becuase of the shift in maturity of players and Chairsofters who seem to have taken over our glorious sport. BUT, seeing that one of the Vets of this sport is getting pissed enought to even thinking of quitting make me sick.

HR is 100% right, even if i am happy to see the sport grow.. to many people have tried to make a fast $$ and has brought whole sport to an all time low. There are 10 times more fields than before, 10 times more choices for players to make.. and 10 times less quality than was offered before (LZ and a few others excluded)

THe major problem is the same that existed when we started the PQAC. Too many people have opinions on how things should work. The whole reason for starting a club was to chanel those opinions into some soft of coherant, understandable and realistic gameplay. And the one thing that made it work was that all players respected the direction of the organizer who really do try hard to put on good games. The players that woudl not.. woudl just be asked ot leave or to never show up. It seems that today, all respect for organizers is lost. I have been to great potential games in the last few years, games that you can see had taken alot of energy and thinking to set up just to see the scenarios go to shit because certain players woudl either not show up or decide to do their own thing. The only way scenarios work is if all pieces work together, the airsofter being the most important piece of the puzzle. IF YOU COMMIT TO PLAYING AN ORGANIZED EVENT... THEN COMMIT TO PLAYING THE ROLE ASSIGNED TO YOU> On the other hand, if you want to Skirmish.. then the game should be clearly identified as a skirmish game.

Players shoudl recognize what they like to do and ignore games that does not fit their style. everyone will be much more happy.

This is one of the main reasons why the PQAC only organizes private games, INVITE only, because we feel that whatever energy we put into games, we want everyone that participates to enjoy and appreciate the day they are paying for. Also, We as organizers want to enjoy the day... not run around trying to fix what selfish players decide to change.

For anyone interested in scenario play, please contact BRUCE to be added to the roster for invite. And for those who do not know our style, we love what we do.. but we dont accept any Bull.


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