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Originally Posted by Feuchtinger View Post
I doubt every single person of that "new generation" is gonna be some guy who think he is playing a CS game, running around with an Iron Maiden t-shirt wasting 4k BBs/h.

I know I won't at least, and I'm part of that new generation !

Wasn't implying everyone in the "new generation" of players is like that, or even that it had anything to do with new players; I've seen the same attitude with some of the older players. Some people just want to skirmish, little or no gear, and that's fine: those are skirmishes.

But if people want to wear a full loadout to a skirmish, that's fine too. It's their business. And honestly you do need to get used to playing with a ton of gear on, it's hot, it's heavy, it's restrictive. But no one should be slagging them for it, and that where comments like "People seem to like dressing up in tons of tac vests and other gear that is over the top and unnecessary" become really annoying, and quite frankly it's just plain ignorant.

And if it IS a milsim game -- really milsim and not just glorified CS with contrived objectives -- then sorry, but I think it IS necessary.

That being said, I know there are many new players who are into the gear and realism and general milsim aspect of airsoft. But at the same time, if vets like Hellranger (who've seen and contributed to good milsim games) are fed up and thinking of calling it quits, I can only imagine how disheartening it would be to someone new hoping to find good milsim.
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