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Blackthorne, you need to respond without swearing and without the attidude.

Im not talking down on people who like their gear, I just think people sometimes load up way to much.

Im ALL for realism. I dont use hi-cap mags either, lol. I like to stick to my GBB if you really must know. I just have been to more than one game where direct hits have not been felt by other players because of excessive amounts of gear worn. If you can feel hits and call them, power to you and wear what you want.

I try to keep my gear around my waist area. I have my mag pouch/holder and my mag dump pouch. I also try to keep my back clear of packs/camelbacks because shots to bags are imposible to feel.

I love airsoft and was also drawn to the sport by the 1/1 realism of the equipment.

Dont take anything I have said personal, its just my opinion.

Thanks guys :kill:

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