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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
What you call Mr. Dressup time others call challenge. Stick a couple of fucking steel Level III plates in your rig, a full 3 liter blader, a real world loadout of miscellanious crap (batteries, food, assorted kit) and a few extra pounds to simulate a real ammo load, and go play the same game you play in your tee shirt. I bet you have just a touch of trouble.

I want to experince what a soldier goes through, at least from a loadout perspective. It's not about fucking shooting people. It's about trying to APPRECIATE the real world environment, and still be able to complete whatever task you are set to do.
This is EXACTLY what attracted me to airsoft, I got nibbling on the fact of the 1:1 replicas of real world weapons, then seeing some of the loudouts that people come out with(Eg: Yuxi ect.) That was the bite for me. I was hooked. Honestly, I played paintball a few times, tried squad tactics, rarely worked because of the "Run 'n' Gun" aspect that paintball seems to have to it, regardless I LOVE the rush the paintball gave me, and I can only imagine that it is about X10 playing airsoft. Honestly, I can't see myself doing a 24 hour milsim atleast for a while after I begin to play, I just don't think I could be able to perform to my best without having played a few scrims first.

That's my 0.02, hope to see you on the field in a few years.
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