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okay with the argument shifting now from skirmish to milsim, to bring it back to main point's, testostrone (sorry guys) and dick beating does come into play. lol even on here, I think blackthorn with a milsim 'shut up or get out' attitude. If I were a n00b and I have been put in this possition, if anyone put back their shoulders, I would too. Could be one outlook why newbs might be acting a bit mean or hot headed.
Albeit, when you start, bodycount's are great, now I've shifted (personally) to resesrving ammo, trying to play real cap, and being more proud of 'shit I've only gone through 1/4 of a single mag all day!' - games like that really make it for me.
There's always going to be preferances and different styles of play, who like's what, sim vs. skrim, gear vs. going light weight, and attitudes on feild.
Getting back at it, if your not having fun or feeling frustrated, take a small breather.. it could help.. lol plus in 3 months when your itching and miss playing, you didnt already run out and sell all your stuff off.
Just blow the dust off and get back into it.
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