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Originally Posted by HellRanger View Post
That's one good point, but for many people the objective (no matter what the CO assignments are) is to rack some kills.
Somewhat but I think that's in part what people are there for: people want trigger time, which is sort of realistic in itself. But the other half of the problem, IMO, is a lot of games (not pointing to, or slamming anyone -- nor was I at this particular game: this is a generalized comment) have simply equated complex scenarios/objectives with milsim.

While it may appeal to some, I think sometimes there are just so many hoops to jump through that many players simply lose sight of what they're supposed to be accomplishing. I have often witnessed people going "what are we supposed to be doing?" and have even been there myself a couple of times. Over-contrived objectives, medic, respawn, blah blah blah blah just overwhelms people and bogs down fluidity.

In large part, I feel this is because there's no Chain of Command in airsoft (and historically players have been reluctant to both lead and be lead) which makes it difficult to orchestrate a complex action while maintaining simple step-by-step objectives for "people on the ground," so to speak.

Simple, Direct, But no walk in the park. Realistic.
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