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As a host and a player I feel your pain

As communities grow their character changes and factions splinter off of the larger group.

Long time players that I have had the opportunity to speak to lament the passing of "the old days" where everyone respected one another and shared common cause.

The old days are replaced with today.. where players who "just don't get it" seem to dominate the community...

I run 2 different facilities, TTAC3 which is an indoor CQB facility... and FTF which is an outdoor woodland field.
I have been successful in both places of developing a community that supports the type of operations I prefer.

For CQB a training based approach devoted to developing skill at arms and small team skills... and at FTF a group of players who enjoy MILSIM play over skirmish..

It has taken a while to acheive this.. and I would be lying if I said that I have not had to make concessions to attract players... but all in all I have stuck to the principles of working towards a "reality based" foundation to game play.

I have only had to turf a couple of players from games... most who do not "fit in" don't come back and that suites me fine.

The result.... I have created a "facton" or a subset of the wider community.. I have ignored "commonly accepted" pratices such as "mercy rules" to introduce more reality in CQB play in particular, A practice that got me initialy shunned by the wider community ( there were many other reasons as well some of them valid ) but over time I have carved a niche... and acheived a measure of acceptance in the community....Or at least the corner I inhabit..

So don't give up on this community... find where you fit.. and participate with those that you share a common "world view" with... The community is actually large enough for both the t shirt clad skirmisher and the heavily laden "gear whore" milsim enthusiast. On thing that is certain... a great many more "t shirt clad skirmishers" eventually come around to milsim and proper gear than "milsimers" turn to skirmishers... so there is reason for hope
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