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It's hard to explain some of the issues that I have.

One good examble was @ the LZ someone was certain to have registred a hit on me with his pistol as he got shot from the CQB house and he was upset about it. I finally figured if the guy is that certain I might as well take it, I figured I didn't feel it not heard it. So, I was walking through hollywood and discussing it with Ex-Royal and the guy (sorry can't remember your name) overheard me and came over all pissed thinking I was complaning, I explained to him that I took the hit 'cause I figured he was right and everything was fine. He then came back to see later and told me, "When I think about it now, I'm not all that certain I actually hit you!" we laughed abotu it and that was it.

Most of the guy at the LZ are pretty intense, but are also mature enough to deal with issues properly.

One thing that gets to me is when you get hit in the head and you say something along the line of "Ouch! Right in the fucking head!" and the first thing your hear is a jackass laughuing at you, when the first thing that should follow is "Are you OK?". I got pissed at the guy trying to make him understand that he's reaction was not the best in the world, then I get the following answer "So what, I'm wearing a T-Shirt and get hit the arms all the time and I don't complain about it...". I just wanted to deck the guy on the spot....

I'm simply sick and tried of freaking assholes like that and we have way too many of those running around these days.
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