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It's really unfortunate that your finding that at your feilds. I'd assume players, especially new, wouldn't want their reps trashed and that's a biggie if you pull stupid shit. More so, hosts, atleast here have to use other paintball feilds, not their own, so none that I know of are really into it for revuenu. Suppose if your finding these problems then back out from the game for a while or stick to private hosted event's. Evrey season will bring up new players, I don't know how 'new' this problem is with vet's having issues with n00bs, you'd think it be something that would happen pretty much every spring/summer.

I'm still gearing myself up (mentally I guess) for a true milsim game. Skrimishes help teach ya what you need to know, before hitting up a milsim and doing really dumb things..personally I still make pretty dumb mistakes on occasion, rather wait for everything to come pretty much naturally before doing anything major..

'gain dude, if it's not clicking for you and your not having fun with the sport anymore, maybe just hold off from ditching it completely and go on haitus for a while, that and winters coming, don't see many newbies out in -10 or more degree weather..
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