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Yer hanging around with the wrong players dude.

Milsim is alive, it's just a smaller group. Unfortunately we still have to play at games where there are folks who don't take it as seriously. That's the nature of the sport right now. We may not like it, but it's either play at those games or don't play.

I am still hoping some day there will be a 48-120 hour op with some folks who are serious enought to take a fucking week of vacation and get really immersive. Those folks are out there man. It's just going to take some time.

I think the biggest barricade to a healthy Milsim environment right now is the lack of motivated, serious OPFOR. This issue takes an already small Milsim community and basically pits it against itself, effectively halving the numbers. Make for a great game tho.

Quite frankly, I have more fun training with the core group of people I play with right now. It's taken very seriously, pushes me mentally and physically, and transitions from AS to other areas of my life.

If I want to skirm, I'll play paintball.
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