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It took 4 summers (about 40+games or 3 years) before I finally got to play a true milsim, the Woodstock 24 Hour VN game. Sure, there were plently of fun semi-milsim games over the years but none had the true re-enactment of being in battle. No breaks for lunch or safe-zone chats. Getting attacked while eating dinner or in your sleep. The game just went on and on as we continously assaulted each other's bases and patrols. And despite there were really no hard-goals (except find base and attack), the game kept our interest piqued. Also, people did dress up and killcounts were kept but it was done within the milsim context.

From what I know is that there have only been 3 games like this in the past 4 springs/summers (2 at woodstock, 1 at WP Muskoka). Most of them happened recently and Im hoping that there will be an increasing trend in the amount of games without designated lunches or breaks. The games where you come out dead tired and feeling like ass are the ones that you never forget and I hope there will be more to keep me in Airsoft

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