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Only thing I'd have to add is that folks get into the hobby for all different reasons, the 'dress up' factor being one of them. Some guy's like the gear, enjoy getting kitted out and that's their decision of what they'd like to dump their resources into. (Personally I'm a cheap skate, if I could afford it, I might have a better kit, but as it stands my 3 little guns and few bdus suite me fine.)
We've all been new at some point, and when is it that the bridge is crossed from n00b to vet? A season? Six? *shrug* been playing a year, and I still consider myself new.
Taking that into consideration, I've heard a lot of people going on about new players, or at times how games are run different from province to province.. Well we use these boards to learn what to do and what not to.
If you see something on field you don't like, someone not calling a hit, or a newbie doing something incredibly dumb, talk to them. Be a man, suck it up, and be democratic... if your too p.o'ed to talk to that player then take it to the game host, that's what their there for. But personally, I do believe (again my personal opinion) that older players should say something at the time of any incident, just be friendly 'hey buddy, ya know, it really is going to piss off people when you... - ' don't do it to instigate but hopefully they'll learn from it.

Ultimately HR it's your choice to step out or not.. =p Depends what kinda gear we can squeeze outta ya first.
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