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While I agree that some new players play like it's CS, I find that most will at least call their hits. Some of the older players don't, which I find ridiculous. Just because they spent the money on real gear, they think that they don't have to call their hits? And these are some of the real hardcore MILSIM players, not just old folks out for a day of fun.

Give the young ones time to get the run-and-gun out of their system. You have to show them and mentor them. I'm glad that the players here in Ottawa are very supportive (for the most part). I've only been playing a year, but I've learned a lot. If all the old hands quit because the new guys are not playing their style, then we'll lose all that knowledge and experience. So, from a new player willing to learn to an experienced player, don't quit. We need people like you.
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