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Thinking about giving up and leaving AS...

Well, I'm seriously thinking of putting everything up for sale and leaving w/o looking back.

I remember just a few years ago when Sierra introduced me to AS. We had long discussions and one of the main thing that stood out was respect. It was also a very closed community.

I feel like all the values we had are gone and I think it's worse in Quebec.

Crossing over to Ontario and spending the today @ the LZ is a whole different experience. It reminds me of the PQAC events, if you fucked up you were simply asked to pack your stuff and left.

What I have seen recently and that bugs me a lot, is the new talent doesn't seem to understand that it is still somewhat dangerous and we have to look out for eachother. And it's all about winning and body count. We had a guy in Quebec running around on the field with a golf counter thingy (I have no clue what it's called and I don't care).

MILSIMS, Ya right! Those are skirmishes with objectives! I haven't seen a real MILSIM in a long time.

And we also have the language dispute... which is totaly stupid.

So for many reason I might put all collection up for sale. I will take my decision in the next month or so.
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