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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Okay, this is about the 3rd time I have heard that someone had passed the border from US to Canada with Airsoft Guns no problems. Two of them having to CONFIRM first that they are allowed to do so. One of my friend even had brought a CYMA MP5J through the airport all the way from the Great wall of China.

This really tells you something.

By this time, it's really something to look into now. I feel that many people here are very "Against" the fact like these and they try not to believe it because they don't want to think that they payed Extra $$ buying these in Canada.

I'm trying to investigate this myself. Emailing about this to the customs, they only gave me the link to their site where it says that Airsoft guns are not allowed to be imported which is 5 years old.
Okay, you've heard of a whopping THREE times that airsoft guns were allowed in to the country.

What if I tell you about the SIX that I have had seized? And yes, I've called the CCRA (as it was known before) AND the CBSA on various issues surrounding this before and after seizure and all times have had CONFIRMED answers that they're prohibited from importation. I've contacted the Vancouver, Mississauga, Toronto, and Montreal ports and have received the same answers from all of them: THEY'RE NOT ALLOWED.

Six of mine got seized, while the ones that made it through were one of this thread, one that's your buddies, and another one that you didn't mention. Of those numbers you've now heard, there's at least a 66% chance of seizure.

I currently carry a red-flag for six more years on not only my business name, but also on my personal name and passport. I'm heavily scrutinized every time I cross air and land crossings and every single time I import an item in to the country. Of the four times I've crossed the border in the passed year, I've had my vehicle inspected when crossing by land and have had all my checked and carry-on luggage searched when traveling by air. I can guarantee you, international travel for me is a bitch.

Still want to take the risk?

Getting busted by customs for smuggling is NOT fun.

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