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Originally Posted by ArmaliteWhore View Post
OK? This means that you could buy an airsoft gun in the US, call customs, and they let you through. Because I'm going to New York by car in a few days, and this is giving me some ideas ( bad ones).
How about I make it simple? If, or when, you get caught they can do all of the following: seize and destroy the gun. Fully take your car apart to find more stuff you may have tried to smuggle. Charge you with a criminal act. Give you a Criminal record. Put your ass in jail. Bar you from crossing the Border ever again.

Want that? It's your choice. It's your life after all. Try to get a job with a criminal record or after you get flagged at Customs for smuggling. Try to get a security clearance. Feel free to ignore that advice for the sake of a toy gun.
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